Redeem a gift

Redeeming your gift card is really easy. You have all the information you'll need on the gift card itself, so keep it handy.

  1. Have a look at The Boxes
  2. Choose the subscription you like
  3. Choose the ongoing duration
  4. Add your code at checkout

What if I want to upgrade my subscription? 

If for example, your gift card is for 12 months of the Basic box, but you'd rather have the Original box, add the Original box to your basket, and you won't be charged until the value of your gift card is spent.

What if I want a prepaid subscription?

The gift cards only work on rolling (month-to-month) subscriptions.

When will it ship?

We ship at the end of the month, so you should expect your box in the first week of each new month.

Does my code expire?

Yes, you have 12 months to use it. The exact date should be printed on your gift card.

For more info check out our FAQ page.